About Kristel

Kristel Peckham, Owner of Kristel's Purrfect Barking Pet Care

To give you an idea of who I am, being the owner of the Kristel’s Purrfect Barking Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, animals – especially dogs and cats – are my passion. One of the most precious things to me is the trust of an animal. Gaining that trust and keeping it, that means everything to me. I want to make your beloved pet feel totally safe and secure while having lots of fun. I take this very seriously, as the trust of a pet and its owner are equally important to me.

My experience at doing this job comes from pet sitting and dog walking for 12 years and enjoying every minute of it. Also I have worked in the rescue world also finding homes for homeless cats and dogs, so I have learned a few things about behavioral issues and administering medicines, insulin and subcutaneous fluids, and how to read into an animal’s moods.
And lastly, it’s a wonderful thing when you can make a living at something you love and enjoy, mine is being around animals and that’s why I do the best job I can, it’s all for them.