Adopting Rescue and Shelter Pets

So many people have this mythical idea that pets from shelters or rescues carry all this baggage of bad behavior and that’s why they were turned into the shelter to begin with. Most of the time that is untrue, many of them have been turned in because people can’t afford them anymore, have to move to some place where they’re not allowed animals or the owner has died. Even if there is some bad behavior, standard practice with rescues and shelters are they test them to see if and what behavioral problems there are and then they work with them so they can find a forever home because for one they don’t want to be liable for adopting out an aggressive dog or cat or a pet that would tear up someone’s house and two they don’t want that pet to be turned back in. Their goal is to find a forever home and placing the right dog or cat with the right person or family.

What you need to do is  talk to them and tell them what your lifestyle is, are you an active person or do you work a lot so they can direct you to the right type of dog or even cat. If you’re not an active person you don’t want to adopt a standard poodle or a pitbull or other bigger dogs like these because you could end up with a real problem with these dogs getting very bored and frustrated and then getting into trouble all the time or even worse getting aggressive. That’s what happens too often with pitbulls, people get them as puppies and don’t give them the exercise through play or walking or running with them and the dogs don’t get the stimulation they need. These dogs are very highly active dogs so you need to be highly active yourselves. So ask the rescuer or shelter people for help in picking the right pet for your lifestyle and when you do this, getting the right pet from a rescue or a shelter, it is the most rewarding feeling because these pets know they are being rescued and they show their appreciation in so many ways.

As an owner of rescue and shelter cats myself I can say they are the best and you will be so happy too. And also try an adult pet, everyone tends to go for the puppies and kittens, which are so precious, but the adult ones have a higher mortality rate because of that. The shelters have to put them down because more people gravitate to the puppies and kittens. Consider that adult pets are potty trained which is a major plus. So check out your local rescues and or shelters there are a lot of furry babies that are eagerly waiting for you to give them a good home and they will thank you in so many ways. I also thank you for them too.

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