Are You Ready For A Natural Disaster?

   We live in earthquake country and with the probability of at least a moderate earthquake happening soon is very high even a major earthquake happening is very high. So we need to be ready for it and that means having enough provisions like enough food, water, medication (if needed), cash and even a first aid kit, not only for you and your family but also for your pets. Experts say that we need to have enough for at least 3 days because we most likely will be on our own for at least that long with no help from the government. But for pets we need to have more than 3 days because FEMA does not cover pets and if stores are out of pet food it may be awhile for trucks to come into areas of the city to deliver. So it’s best to be over supplied for your pets . I myself have 3 weeks of pet food for my cats, better safe than sorry. For dogs, along with the basics, I would add some bones to chew on to help with the stress of the situation. And one last thing if you have multiple cats, make sure you have a carrier for each one. Many people don’t and you need one for each if you need to evacuate your place fast like in case of fire. Our furry members of our families are depending upon us and we can’t let them down. Also if you are one who feeds those precious little strays please don’t forget them they’ll need help too.

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