Bargain Tips For Your Pets

One of my favorite bargain places to go to is Costco, they have the best deals on dog beds, very inexpensive but very good beds. Dog treats are also excellently priced along with their Kirkland dog food both canned and dry and it’s very good quality food, just read the ingredients. They also have Kirkland dry cat food which is also excellent quality. I’m looking forward to when they finally offer Kirkland canned cat food. Periodically they sell cat trees that are good quality and inexpensive. Their litter is very good, it’s called Litter Purrfect, 35 lbs for about $8 and doesn’t stick to the litter box when used, also the ingredients are “green” ingredients.

They also sell flea medication which is Frontline but I’ve found Advantage II works better. Petsmart sells it for a reasonable price. If you have cats or small dogs you can actually buy the extra large dog size of Advantage II (DO NOT use Advantix on cats) and follow the amount of the vial size for the pound size of your cat or small dog that you have been giving, by using a syringe. For example; a cat of 9 pounds or more would be given .8ml from a syringe, of the extra large dog vial of Advantage II. Here is a website that can help you: With small dogs follow the same principle. This is how Rescues save money on the flea medication they give to their rescue pets.

Amazon also is another great place to purchase toys for your babies. For cats who love catnip a place to buy online in bulk is there are other places too to check out also. Trader Joe’s canned cat food and dog food is also excellent quality and very inexpensive.

Hope these tips help your wallet while not cutting back on quality on your babies. 🙂

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