Keeping Kitty Inside While Insuring Their Happiness

Many people like to let their kitties go outside in the day time because it’s easier. They can entertain themselves and the owners don’t have to mess with spending the time or money on toys. But if you have adopted a cat from a rescue you’ve signed a contract stating you will not let kitty go outside. If you do and the rescue finds out about it, which they can, they have legal grounds to take kitty away from you. So if you want your kitty to go outside then get a cat from the city shelter.

The benefits of keeping kitty inside is your kitty not being harmed or killed. Now how do you keep kitty happy; buying a tall cat tree helps considerably but big cat trees cost a lot of money unless you buy a used one. Check out Craigslist for one. You can clean it up and put catnip on it and kitty will love it. Also put some shelves around like under a window or mini ones that go up the wall in steps to one large one. It can actually be done in a designerly fashion, you could even paint them in fun colors. Engage kitty in some playtime once a day, this will also bring a real bond between you two that is not as strong with people who let there cats go out all day and don’t need to play with them. Another option is to have 2 cats then just one so they have a playmate and snuggle mate. In the end you will be glad for it because it is a fact that indoor cats live longer than indoor/outdoor. It is our responsibility as pet owners to keep our pets as safe and as healthy as possible just as a parent would their own children.

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