Simple Dog Training Tips

For potty training use wee wee pads and spread them all over the room your using, reward them when they go on the pads. After they have mastered going only on the pads start taking one away at a time guiding the pads in one direction which is the door they go outside until there is only one pad left. Any time they go off the pads, because set backs can happen, stop taking the pads away until they get the idea again. Then continue to take more away until you have one left then take the last one away and puppy will know to go outside because there are no wee wee pads to go on.

Teaching your dog to come on command. Get a very very long rope, about 100 feet. Let your dog wander around, then call your dog to come and draw them in by the rope. Have a treat ready to give to them. Keep doing this every time until they get the idea when they come they get a treat.

If you have a dog who is unruly around other dogs while walking, bring treats with you. When you see another dog coming have your dog sit away from the sidewalk and as the other dog gets closer put the treat in front of your dog’s nose without giving it to them. Wave the treat back and forth to keep their attention on the treat. After the dog has passed by give it to them. This takes time and patience because your dog will probably not remain in seated position the first few times, so keep a firm grip on them. But after awhile they will get the idea that every time they see another dog they will get a treat.

With dogs behind fences keep the treat as much as possible in front of your dog’s nose while walking by waving it back and forth to keep their attention on the treat. You can even eventually stop and make them sit and have a cookie with the other dog behind the fence but don’t forget to give one to the dog behind the fence too. 🙂

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