cat right up in camera lens

Sami Jo



Kristel and her Purrfect Barking care givers are the Mary Poppins to dogs and cats. Kristel and her care givers are the perfect people to care for our extended family (dogs and cats). They are reliable, caring, and are always on call. You can depend on all of them for all your dog and cat needs.

Rebeca N


dog looking up at camera



Kristel has taken care of our cats for about 10 years. It is so much less stressful for our animals to stay in the comfort of their home while we are away rather than boarding them in some cage at a facility. Kristel fills our needs by coming to our house twice a day and spending a full hour with our kitts during each visit. When we come home from a trip or vacation, our kitts are happy and relaxed. Kristel also takes care of our mail, newspaper, lights, etc. to make our home look more occupied while we are gone. We feel at ease leaving our home knowing that Kristel is taking care of it. Sometimes, Kristel stops by just to say hi, and the kitts all run to see her. They associate her with pleasure and fun. We associate her with responsibility for the care of both our home and of our cats, and wholeheartedly recommend her to take care of yours.

Shirley M.


I work a lot so I needed someone I could trust to walk and take care of my Abby. Abby is so much happier and not as crazy when I get home from a long hard day. I use to come home and she would be so anxious and upset even when I had someone else walking her during the day. They just didn’t do enough with her in exercising her. Purrfect Barking does take a real effort to make sure she’s exercised and happy I can come home and relax or just go for a stroll with her instead of her taking me on a uncontrolled run.

Dan T

Boston Terrier on the floor



We have been searching for a responsible and trust worthy pet care service to care for our diabetic cat and our other cat who has kidney failure and needs subcutaneous fluids. We finally found the right person. Kristel has such a gentle touch and a way with our cats and they love her very much. We like the fact that she can stay at our house when we’re on vacation and our home is also in good hands too.

Bill and Jeanie Y


I love Purrfect Barking Pet Care. I’ve had 2 of them care for little Mabel and they are wonderful. The price is right and most of all they are trustworthy and responsible. My Mabel needed to go to the vet unexpectantly, while I was out of town and I didn’t have to worry. I didn’t even have to come home early. Kristel took care of her and gave her the medication she needed so that when I came home I was able to just carry on with the medication and she healed up perfectly.

Janine A