When Your Cat Starts Urinating Outside The Box

If you have a cat that pees outside the litter box or sprays, that is not an uncommon problem and it can be remedied. So many people end up getting rid of kitty without trying to find out the reason. Please don’t do that! The problem can be solved with some love and patience.

First and foremost take kitty to your Vet and find out if they are having urinary or kidney problems such as an infection. If they do have an infection your problem is solved, if not then we move on to emotional problems, such as anxiety. Sometimes it can be remedied by simply scooping the litter box more than you are. Cats are very clean animals and they like a clean litter box to go in just as we like a clean toilet to go in. Also some cats don’t like the hooded litter boxes, take the lid off and try that. Another possible remedy is get another litter box especially if you have multiple cats. A rule to go by is a box for each cat plus one.

Another possibility is if a new cat has moved into the neighborhood and has been coming around the house and hanging out. This can really upset some cats to the point of spraying around the house and if you have multiple cats they can even get into fights with each other because of the outside cat. If that’s a problem they actually have cat repellant sprays to keep the outside cats away. Just spray it around the outside of the house.

Another possibility is a spray called Feliway, it’s a spray with synthetic happy cat pheromones. Actually they are momma cat pheromones and cats become very calm with this. There are diffusers and sprays, I would use both. After thoroughly cleaning the areas spray all those areas where kitty has sprayed or peed. Each morning you need to do this for about 6 months to make sure kitty has settled in to not spraying or peeing. You can buy this on Amazon.com a lot cheaper than at a store.

The last option if the others have failed is ask your Vet to put your cat on Prozac this will work. Give it some time for the medication to start working. I would still use the Feliway for a couple of months with the medication. Talk to your Vet also how long your kitty can be on the Prozac, some cats need to be on it for along time. The main thing is not to give up on kitty. I hope these suggestions work for you.

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